Candle Body

The first bullish candle body is in line with the bullish trend, while the second candle body reflects more bearish market sentiment as the price goes in the opposite trend direction. The green and red candle bodies are usually equally in line at the top without any top wicks/shadows. The green candle’s body open price might be higher than the red candle’s body close.

Candle Wick / Shadow

The wicks on both candles are only at the bottom of the two candles and can range from short to medium.

Candle Colors

The Tweezer Top has two candles. The green candle always precedes the red candle.

Modus Operandi

These patterns are popular with traders searching for clues about when the market will change direction. The pattern is more important when there is a strong shift in momentum between the first candle and the second. These patterns are best used to indicate the end of an uptrend.

Fun Fact

The Tweezer Top is also referred to as “Tweezers” amongst traders.

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