BTAF Proprietary Candlestick Pattern

Candle Body

This pattern usually starts with a small “Spinning Top” and the following six to ten candles usually open at 50% of the previous candle body. The upright curve is quite steep and opens from small to broad.

Candle Wick / Shadow

All candle wicks might have different wick sizes but the most important is the formation of each candle body going up.

Candle Colors

All candles are usually bullish green, especially Heikin Ashi Candles.

Modus Operandi

These patterns occur usually after a bullish rally where long candles were formed and moving to a top of a trend. Most often than not the Chinese Trumpet form with a small “Spinning Top” directly after a longer bullish candle. Attention should be given to candles forming after the Spinning Top. When the pattern is formed there is a HIGH probability of a significant incoming bearish reversal.

Fun Fact

The Chinese Trumpet works on both Normal and Heikin Ashi Candles. The Pattern was named after the Chinese Trumpet Flower shape.

Play Video about BitcoinTAF Chart Patterns

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