Candle Body

An inverted “T” shape candle where the Open, Close, and High of the candle’s body are at very similar price areas. Note that sometimes the body can be at the same price.

Candle Wick / Shadow

The wick must be considerably longer. This means that markets were tested to find supply and resistance locations.

Candle Colors

Usually little to no color is present but candles can be green or red.

Modus Operandi

A Gravestone Doji usually can be found at the top of uptrends. It’s a great signal to point out resistance to pricing increases. This occurs if “bulls” press prices upward. Resistance is then found which presses prices back down. Gravestone Doji occurs in all time frames.

Fun Fact

The Gravestone Doji is usually very rare. The name was formed as the candle, previous candles, and new downtrend candles making it looks like a gravestone on a hill.

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