Looking for a rare but powerful signal in technical analysis? Consider the Bullish Kicker Candlestick Pattern. This pattern is characterized by a bearish red candle followed by a bullish green candle with a noticeable gap between them. In this article, we will explore the Bullish Kicker Candlestick Pattern, including the candle body, wick, and colors, as well as its Modus Operandi and Fun Fact.

Candle Body

The first candle will be a bearish red candle. A GAP forms and ends in the second candle being a bullish green candle.

Candle Wick / Shadow

Small wicks may form at both open and close or just at open or close.

Candle Colors

The Bullish Kicker has two candles. The red candle always precedes the green candle.

Modus Operandi

This pattern is rare but can be one of the most powerful signals available, even better yet, if the pattern occurs in overbought or oversold markets. The noticeable GAP between the two candles means a war between bulls and bears, but the bulls seize control over the market.

Fun Fact

Volume plays a vital role with the Bullish Kicker. The volume will likely be higher for the Bullish Kicker than any of the surrounding candles.
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