Candle Body

The first candle will be a bullish green candle with a large candle body. The second candle will be a bearish red candle with a small body. The first bullish candle body has a 4x larger body than the second bearish candle body. The second bearish candle should be around 25% of the length of the previous bullish candle.

Candle Wick / Shadow

The wicks on both candles can range from short to medium.

Candle Colors

The Bearish Harami has two candles. The green candle always precedes the red candle.

Modus Operandi

Bearish Harami Candles usually occur at the top of an uptrend. There might be a  GAP of where the green candle closes, and the red candle opens. It is important to use this candlestick pattern in confluence with other indicators.

Fun Fact

The name “Harami” means pregnant in Japanese. The Candlestick formation is similar in appearance to a pregnant woman.

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